Me in Austria In the army I would go on military exercises every now and again, mostly in this country but a lot of the time I would go abroad to countries such as Kenya, Cyprus and Kuwait.

We would also go on adventure training exercises such as, skiing in Austria and sailing in Hawaii and Hong Kong.

With regards to the military exercises, I embarked on them with the Battalion. As for the adventure training exercises, I either went on attachment or went as a small group.

Going on exercise and adventure training gave me the opportunity to visit parts of the world I wouldn't normally have visited and visit parts of these places I wouldn't normally have also. For instance, I spent six weeks in Kenya and six weeks in Kuwait. On both of these exercises I went off the 'beaten track' and experienced different cultures as opposed to getting drunk in yet another British/Irish themed pub!

On adventure training I visited Austria, Hawaii, Hong Kong and sailed across the Pacific Ocean. In Austria I mastered the art of skiing and in Hawaii I learned how to sail, which I did all the way to Hong Kong! The latter being my most memrobale experience, as far as travelling is concerned, whilst in the army.